Our company has been established for a little over 3 year and we are heading for our 4th year and we are heading strong. We decided to open our janitorial services company for the simple fact that we understand that people are very busy with their lives and can’t really focus on cleaning their homes or offices the way they should be. So we came up with our company to help people keep their homes and offices clean while they work or when they want to rest. Our professional services serve homes, offices, company buildings, commercial or residential, condos, apartments, and much more. We are hoping to keep expanding within this 2015 year and hope for the best. We are insured and licensed all over Nevada.

We provide our customers with the best janitorial services they can ask for. We have responsible and hard working employees that take their job very serious and will come to your home with nothing but respect and gratitude. Our types of services vary from Deep Cleanings, move outs all the way to regular touch ups. Our prices vary depending on the property that we would be doing service in. We provide free estimates, we will schedule a appointment to visit your home and do a little walk-through and base on the house and what you need done we will give you a price and if the costumer agree with the price we provide them we go ahead and move forward to schedule a time and date for service.

We have the following types of visits: on call, weekly, bi-weekly, every 3 week, monthly, bi-monthly. The customer has the choice of what time and date would be the best for their schedule. Our tasks when we enter your home are as followed: appliances, cabinets, mirrors, oven, refrigerator, rooms, baseboards, windows (if we agree to it), door frames, bathrooms, and much more. We also provide window cleaning and pressure wash service. We are open 6 days a week and we can schedule your home any day of the week. Any questions or concerns please give us a call at

702-292-9505 Ana Rivera (owner)